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Web 2.0 and what it means to libraries April 24, 2007

Posted by Rachel in 2.0, Conferences, Future, Something to think about.

I was catching up on reading my feeds tonight and I came across David Lee King’s notes from the opening session at Computers in Libraries (which is a cool conference that I would LOVE to go to – maybe next year). Anyway, the opening session was presented by Lee Rainie from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. I’ve heard him speak before about Pew surveys results, and the results are always so interesting. But this opening session had a library focus, which was nice. Apparently, Rainie talked about six hallmarks of the web 2.0 world that matter to libraries.

  1. the internet has become the computer
  2. content creation
  3. even more internet users are accessing the content created by others
  4. many are sharing what they know and feel online and that is building conversations
  5. tens of thousands are contributing in online … ???
  6. customizing their online experiences thanks to web 2.0 tools

See all the details and explanations on David’s blog, which always has insightful information.


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