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Passive Invitation to Communicate March 2, 2007

Posted by Rachel in 2.0.

David Lee King always has something interesting to say and is never afraid to think outside of the box. Back in January, he posted a series of articles on his blog about participating in Web 2.0. There is so much out there on getting involved, but not as much on how to get involved. This post, Inviting Participation, Part 2: Passive Invitations is simply a wonderful piece on getting involved. I especially like the fact that he includes training.

“So what exactly is a passive invitation? I think the word passive could probably be switched out with indirect. With passive invitations, you aren’t directly asking for anything; ie., “hey, can you write back” or “please comment on this post.” Instead, you are inviting participation indirectly – hence, passive invitations.”

Take a look at the post (or all his posts – they are well written and insightful).


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